PUF co. is a cannabis infusion collective founded in the prairies of Manitoba. Our aim is to be a leader in the cannabis infusion industry and challenge the boundaries of what is known to be possible.

Our mission is to provide research into premium quality products infused with a wide variety of cannabinoids.

Healthy foods and ethical sourcing of what we eat is something that every member of our team takes very seriously. Naturally for us, this extends to our Cannabis infusion products. We believe strongly that having easy access to quality products is of utmost importance.

As a leader in the industry, Cannabis education is a large focus here at Puf co. We understand how important it is for consumers to be properly educated before consuming any psychoactive or medicinal substances. In order to help educate, our team has built a Cannabis workshop where we will be showing our community how to understand what Cannabis labels are telling them, as well as sharing our insight into cooking with Cannabis safely.